My experience with Greeley Community Management began in 2008 and lasted for over 6 years as a board member and president of our association of just under 400 home owners. As a real estate agent in the local market I deal with a lot of HOA management companies and our HOA had utilized a number of management companies over the years. I must admit my initial hesitation with a company from Greeley managing an HOA in Loveland. I must tell you that we had no issues with GCM. Over the years they proved themselves to be invaluable to our community in policing violations, spearheading a merger, and consistently keeping track of where we were and in compliance with new laws and changes. I will be the first to admit that we were a challenging board at times and they were always professional, dependable and always supplied us options that we might not have thought about to problems that we were faced with. We find them a high value for the dependable and available service they provide to Seven Lakes Master HOA.

Robert Walkowicz, CRS

I have enjoyed working with GCM. Their knowledge and willingness to help with any management issue has taken a huge load off our directors.

John Poole, Seven Lakes Patio Homes & Cottages Board of Director

As one of Northern Colorado’s premier solid waste and recycling haulers, we at Ram Waste have had the pleasure of working with one of the region’s premier property management companies — Greeley Community Management — on many occasions. They’re professional, detail-oriented, communicative and prompt. GCM is always great to work with, and we look forward to working with them even more in the future!

JP Puma, Ram Waste Systems, Inc.

GCM understands what homeowners need to uphold a thriving and successful HOA. Maintaining values, improving atmosphere and relationships are the standards that set GCM apart. They have tackled long standing issues in our association with a resolution minded focus. GCM staff approach HOA needs with a high level of care, education and experience. Having GCM as a management company has made the process consistent and fair in our neighborhood. I appreciate their support.

April Nelson, Tuscany HOA Vice President

As owner and operator of Wisdom Services & Lawn Care, I have had the opportunity over the past six years of being a vendor for Greeley Community Management. My business and employee’s find it a privilege to work with GCM because of such professional service and timely responses to all your needs. The staff at GCM are top-rated employees with professional dedication, they are definitely a group that are there to help you! I choose to continue my relationship with GCM as a vendor because of their true ethics, honesty and wonderful business environment. I highly recommend Greeley Community Management to all homeowner associations looking for their perfect management group!

Jerry Wisdom, Wisdom Services & Lawn Care

GCM helped our HOA facilitate an Amendment to our Declaration of Covenants. This is a difficult process and GCM’s guidance was invaluable. Their response to HOA concerns is prompt and effective. We have also been very pleased with the vendors that GCM has recommended.

Rick Hertzke, Pelican’s Nest HOA President

Our Association has utilized GCM as our property management company for the past three years. I joined the homeowner’s association and board over a year ago and can say that I have been extremely impressed with how well GMC has managed our neighborhood. Meg Lowe, who is our Community Manager has been so wonderful to work with. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the laws governing our HOA and always has our best interest at the forefront. She works diligently to make sure that we are in compliance with the ever changing laws. I would highly recommend GCM as a property management company as I know our Board of Directors has been well pleased with the services that GCM provides.

Pam Sommers, Neville’s Crossing HOA Secretary

GCM has been the awakening for our HOA! The previous management company had allowed receivables to reach close to $100,000 and the books were at best a mess. Most homeowners weren’t aware the HOA still existed, and behaved that way. In approximately two years GCM has collected nearly all past dues with a plan in effect to collect the remainder. They have brought into compliance all residents and builders relating to ARC issues and stay on top of new problems. The people at GCM are a delight to work with and definitely take care of business. I would definitely recommend GCM to anyone!

Steve Eckhardt, Tuscany HOA Treasurer

With nearly 6 years of experience working with GCM, I truly believe they are the top property management company in the Greeley area. They are responsive to an Association’s needs, more than willing to “go to the wall” when issues arise, keep the management fee(s) to a reasonable level, and work closely with the board in building a budget that will work to everyone’s satisfaction.

They take the initiative to keep board members of the Associations they manage current on the constant changes in legislative matters, legal and financial matters, and maintenance issues by presenting seminars annually encompassing all of the aforementioned fields of endeavor with presenters that are experts in those areas.

Carol LeMay, Fox Crossing HOA Historian

Over the last 35 years, I have been on several boards of directors of home owners associations. During that time, I have dealt with many community management companies. Greeley Community Management is, without question, the best I have ever worked with. They provide a large range of services and perform them well. Every resident I have spoken with in our association is very pleased with Greeley Community Management.

Mike Suter-Gibson, Pres. 7 Lakes Patio Homes and Cottages Home Owners Assn.

Our HOA has used GCM’s services for over 7 years now, and we are very please with them. They are very knowledgeable, efficient, and trustworthy. I would recommend them to anyone.

Gwen Jenks, Dens at Fox Run Homeowners Association President

GCM has managed nearly a dozen communities for us over the years, and they are a great advisor, manager and partner. GCM has the processes and people in place that allow an HOA to run smoothly and efficiently. They truly are great task-masters! In addition to supporting a BOD and making sure everything operates effectively, GCM has the experience and knowledge to advise BOD when challenging situations arise. GCM is frequently able to lend examples of how other HOAs have successfully and unsuccessfully handled various situations. We are truly grateful to have a partner we can count on!

Landon Hoover, Hartford Homes

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