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Greeley Community Management, LLC (GCM) was established in 1999 by founder, Evelyn Kehl to specifically address the needs of managed communities. GCM believes a successful common interest community association requires superior communication between the property management team, association members, and the Board of Directors. This type of open communication ensures that issues and concerns will be handled accurately and in a timely manner.

Maintaining personal involvement in the care of the assets entrusted to GCM is a very important part of our management philosophy. This would include close supervision of subcontractors engaged to care for the property. GCM makes every effort to ensure work is being completed to the expectations of the Board and the association members. Additionally, GCM makes frequent inspections of each association we manage. It is our goal to provide top quality service, help each client have a vision, and to ensure homeowners enjoy living in the communities we manage.


We have a top quality professional team with over 34 combined years of property management experience. The GCM management team consists of eight full time personnel.

GCM manages an estimated 7,000 homes throughout Northern Colorado.

President/Owner, Meg Gaines, CMCA, is committed to providing our properties with incomparable services.

When you hire Greeley Community Management, LLC, you are not just hiring a management company, you are hiring a team! Call or email us today to discuss how we can manage your HOA for you!

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