Why Hire GCM?

Why Hire Greeley Community Management?

GCM is committed to servicing Homeowners Associations (HOA’s) throughout the Northern Colorado area and focuses solely on HOAs and Business Owners Associations (BOA’s), not rentals. We pride ourselves on providing personalized services to each client while educating our Board of Directors and homeowners on the current state statutes and specific procedures that are imperative to keep associations in compliance with the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA).

GCM helps to facilitate and ensure that our associations have a reserve study in place to properly budget for capital improvements/repairs and to help avoid large special assessments to the homeowners. GCM also registers each HOA with the Secretary of State and DORA each year.

The GCM team is professional, innovative, and strives to continue to be educated while attending classes on a monthly basis offered through Hindman Sanchez, a local leading HOA law firm, and Community Associations Institute (CAI).

We are familiar with working with HOA’s that range from 16 to 500 and more homes. Some of the services we offer include uniform covenant compliance, financial management, creating and maintain a budget each year while planning and saving for major projects for the years to come, educating all homeowners with quarterly newsletters, construction management for projects within the HOA, and much more. GCM works to help keep your community looking pristine while maintaining property values for years to come.

When it comes to communities under development, GCM has a wealth of knowledge and works with many local developers. We will establish a budget for the first year and plan for years ahead based on projected sales. For each new resident, we send them a welcome packet. We work with all builders, and our Vice President of Operations facilitates all Architectural Review Committee requests for new builds to ensure they are in compliance with the Association’s guidelines. We also work with local architects for opinions on new construction plans as needed.

Our management philosophy is simple: “Professional Management through Personalized Care”

Accounting Management:

Why Hire Greeley Community ManagementWe have two full-time accounting personnel which include a Financial Controller, who handles accounts receivables, revenue collection, bank reconciliations, and communicating with attorneys for account collections, as needed. Our Vice President of Operations handles accounts payables, which are processed on a weekly basis. GCM also assists with completing reserve studies and annual budgeting for all associations.

Uniform Covenant Enforcement:

Our Community Managers perform weekly inspections of each association they are assigned to as well as handling all disputes and complaints from homeowners. Our Community Managers address all concerns presented by property owners and respond as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours. All emergency situations are handled immediately.

Facility Management:

GCM obtains proposals, negotiates and executes contracts for services required for the operations of the Associations under our care. We work with a pool of different landscapers/snow removal contractors, electricians, plumbers, painters, asphalt/concrete companies, janitorial companies, security companies, fitness equipment maintenance service providers, roofers, handymen, engineers, etc. We can also work with your current vendors as well!

Contractor/Vendor Management:

GCM makes sure that each vendor working on a property is properly insured and qualified to perform services. Our management team pays close attention and works hands on with the contractors as work is being completed at properties and inspects all major improvements/repairs before invoices are paid.

Swimming Pool Operations:

Why Hire Greeley Community ManagementGCM recommends third-party personnel to operate any swimming pool operations on the Associations’ behalf and will work directly with the vendor as directed. We have a great working relationship with several large pool management companies throughout Northern Colorado.

Social Engagement of Residents:

GCM will work with the Associations Board of Directors in establishing a social committee to plan social events for the residents through the year such as, but not limited to: neighborhood widegarage sales, ice cream socials, National Neighborhood Night Out, neighborhood crime watch (while working with local authorities), cookouts, pool parties, seasonal celebrations, potlucks, yard of the month, and welcoming committees for new homeowners to actively engage the residents in the neighborhood.

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